October has started off great with the New Moon and high early morning incoming water, the bite is on. We are averaging twenty to thirty snook and day on baitfish patterns as well as Gurglers and Crease flies. The red tide is gone and the water is clean and the fish are moving onto the grass flats and feeding on crabs, worms and baitfish…. The redfishing is picking up also with 4 to 5 reds a day playing with topwater flies and plugs. Trout fishing is rated good also…it is possible to have twenty fish days on Seatrout…

With the cleaner water and cooler temperatures we are expecting a blitz of False Albacore to arrive in later October or Early November mixed with Spanish Mackerel and King Mackerel which will be on the beach frothing up the surface and hitting Cuban Anchovy patterns and smaller tan baitfish patterns. Also available in November will be Triple Tail… which will range from a couple of pounds up to 20lbs…..

FWC , in order to bring back some of the lost snook and redfish, FWC has made a Zero limit on snook or redfish until further notice….We can still catch all we want, but catch and release is mandatory. Trout,, Triple Tail, Pompano, Mangrove Snapper and all of the rest are open.

After the devastation of Red Tide it is nice to see nature replenishing itself as seen in the pictures of the red fish……

As the water cools and the high early morning winter tides are in the forecast, fishing will be rated Very Good…

Lots of topwater action on Gurglers and Crease flies as well as baitfish patterns.

Fishing rated….Good

Water temp…..81

Air temp………..87

Wind………………ENE at 10mph

High tide 12:30pm….1.9

Mangrove fly fishing rated …..Excellent

Flies for Backcountry trout, snook and redfish and tarpon

Gurglers, Crease flies in olive back,

Puglisi baitfish in white and S.F Rainbow back size 1/0

Tan or white bunny flies with a little pearl crystal flash with silver coneheads

Clouser Minnow chart/white… grey/white….tan/white

Water is getting colder and fishing is only going to get better!!!!

See you soon and tight lines,

Capt. Al White