October Fishing

October has been a decent month so far with good catches of fly caught snook in and around Boca Grande.  Early morning topwater gurglers are doing the trick and then switching to baitfish patterns later in the morning.  Redfish have been sparse but we are getting decent shots at some backwater reds. Trout fishing is good with dailycatches of 10 to 20 fish.

There are still tarpon lingering about the harbor.

The False Albacore are on the beachbut show sporadically throughout the day, they are a blast on fly and we have had good success this last week. Water temps are falling from 88 degrees to around 80 and the fish seem to move better as does the bait.  There is plenty of bait here in the Harbor and on the beach...Pelicans and Terns are dialed into a constant buffet of anchovies, herring and pilchards. Month should get better as water temps fall and rain slackens.

Good time to fish

Capt. Al

Fly fishing snook....Anywhere available!

Finding and fishing the ubiquitous snook on fly can be very rewarding. Went looking at different areas to locate them and found a bonanza of them inland. Also fishing Charlotte Harbor yielded some very nice fish.


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Tarpon still here

Tarpon are still here but not in the numbers of May and jUNE. Charlotte Harbor and the backcountry have Tarpon cruising and feeding on the buffet of ladyfish, Threadfins and Herring .

Snook fishing is still good on morning topwater flies like Gurglers and Creaseflies.

Get out early and get off water by 10am for best results

Billy and the Beast

Billy Moser of Pennsylvania the consumate fly fisherman jumped  and released three Tarpon on JUne 2.  The fights were no longer than 30 minutes each. The fish went from 9olbs to about 105lbs.  We got two on a new Shrimp pattern we developed.  After the fights we enjoyed a nice cerveza at the Mexican Restaurant.  Nice going Billy

Tarpon are here and plentiful if you are in the right place at the right tide.


Tarpon flood the Boca Grand coastline

After several storms, cold fronts and high winds and after leaving the pass and going offshore for a couple of days, the Tarpon are back and with a vengeance.

Having 20 to 50 good shots a day at these silver missles....

Three jumped yesterday but 0 landed, but a great day ....

Fishing should continue to be good for next couple of weeks before they migrate offshore to spawn....


Tarpon fishing

Boca Grande Pass is holding lots of tarpon at present but we are still waiting for major migration to arrive which should be any day.

There are tarpon appearing in the backwater of Charlotte Harbor at present and it is possible to get good shots at them during certain times of the day and at ceratain tides. We have already boated a 100lb and 130 lb tarpon so far.  There are also fish off of Pine Island, Cayo Costa and Captiva.

Snook fishing is good at present with lots of hungry fish in the mangroves of the backcountry and flats.  Lots of shorelines to explore while quietly poling through the mangroves.

Time to get the 12weights lined up and ready!!

Backcountry flats on Fire!

Fly fishing the Backcountry flats is terrific right now producing catches of Snook, Redfish and Trout.  While the angler with good casting ability has an advantage, the average fly and spin fishermen also do well...

Lots of snook on fly and great shots at over the slot Redfish almost everyday.  Lots of topwater action in the early morning and evening....Any color gurglers will work with pearl estaz body.

Baitfish patterns, such as Al's Anchovy and Rainbow runner are all you need.

Time to fish southwest Florida, Pine Island, Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande!!!

Come fish with Boca on the Fly and Capt. Al White

Bend a Rod!

Capt. Al

Windy Snook

Lots of wind but lots of snook on fly during the day and at night.

December Giants

December Giants

Fly fishing and spin fishing has been good for reds, snook and trout and is getting more consistent with water temps stabilizing. Some areas are holding big schools of reds and sizeable snook also.  Techniques are fish slow, small and sometimes deep.  There  have been schools of bonita on the beach along with Kingfish...that will eat a fly.  

Prospects for December are good with baitfish starting to show again and schooling mullet can be found readily all good signs for catching predatory fish.

Happy Holidays

Capt. Al