April fishing is on the upswing after cold fronts have moved through with high winds and fluctuating water temps. We are now getting higher daytime tides and are able to explore more of the backcountry and having good results on fly. Favorite patterns are Cuban anchovy baitfish, ice dub baitfish, clousers, and spawning shrimp The water is clear and average water temperature is 75 degrees. we have seen many free jumping tarpon in the back and with the wind dying down, expect to get plenty of good shots at them

There are “ Super Predators” in teh backcountry at present…8-10 foot Bull sharks, blactips and sand sharks.

These sharks are there because there food is present……Tarpon! Congratulations to Scott and Ryan Reidel who braved the wind and have good success on snook and redfish. Also to all of those that got their first snook on fly…Chris Mohr, Scott Reidel, Juan Jimenez, Scott Allan, Haden, Brook, Congratulations!

Lots of Tarpon in Charlotte Harbor at present and backcountry….time to break out the 12 weights!

Bend a Rod,

Capt. Al