May and June have been super Tarpon months, especially for fly fishermen. We are seeing more tarpon than in past couple of years. They are still the same stubborn fish, but fished at the right tide an area hookups are plentiful. Casting accuracy is paramount using 12-14 foot leaders, tough to handle but essential to hook up. Best fly patterns have been Puglisi baitfish in yellow and white, toads in purple and chartreuse and all black patterns.

Tony from Scotland hooked a 120lb beast which took us one mile offshore and was still pulling drag when the truly unexpected happened. A 15ft hammerhead suddenly appeared and instantly attacked the tarpon…it was over in a matter of seconds. We are trying to see if we got it on video and if so, it will go on You Tube. I estimated the dorsal of the shark to be close to 40 inches in height….It was sad to watch the total destruction of such a beautiful creature, especially one that was probably 60 years old. The hammerheads usually will stay in Boca Grande pass with the thousands of tarpon there..we were south quite a few miles from the pass when the attack occurred …Predation takes place everyday and mother nature has a way of feeding the top predators all they can consume….

Backcountry fishing is on fire! Lots of fly opportunities for Redfish, Snook and some Seatrout. Poling the mangroves on incoming tides is super productive with plenty of hungry fish.

Best patterns are tan and white puglisi baitfish mixd with Steve FArrar flash blend in rainbow.

It is an exciting time to fish the Boca Grande area, charlotte Harbor, Pine Island, Gasparilla Sound and backcountry mangrove islands…..

Fly fishing at its BEST!

Capt. Al

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